Amani the Lion

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Amani the Lion

Post by Simba on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:05 am

Name: Amani (meaning "peace" or "peaceful")
Nickname: Scout (for his love of exploring)
Species: Lion
Age: 12 years - later adult
Gender: Male

Amani is a black-maned, light gold-colored Pridelands lion with same-colored paws and blue eyes. He has a light-colored muzzle, underside, and eye shades. Other than this, he has a brown tail tuft and inner ears. Height-wise, he was average height among other cubs. Overall, he closely resembles his father. His mother Serengeti once told Amani that he looks so much like his father.

As a cub, Amani was playful and quite curious, loving to explore. Although, he rarily wandered far off on his own. Generally, he was friendly and outgoing, but tended to be shy around strangers. He was obedient and didn't like to get into trouble, but sometimes his aventurous spirit can't help it. As for his attitude, he mostly looks on the bright side of things.

As an adolescent, Amani came to be more independent. He takes longer to get over lost loved ones at first with all the losses he has been through.

As an adult lion, Amani has become wiser and less shy. He's loyal to his pride and would do anything to help them out, but is protective against strangers.

Amani was born in the grasslands of the pridelands near the water hole. He was the son of lioness named Serengeti by birth and an unknown father. His mother and he lived in a small pride of lions there in peace and harmony. She was a loving and soft figure, and life seemed to look up. Unfortunately, Amani soon lost his mother trying to protect him from a hyena ambush. With a stroke of luck, Amani managed to wander further into the pridelands near Pride Rock. Once there, he was soon taken in by a lioness named Kora, who became his adoptive mother. In light of this hardship, she kept him happy and full of hope. It took some time, but Amani begin to embrace his new life, and everything seemed to turn back to normal for him since. He may, at times, seem unsure of what the future holds, but he always stays optimistic of his future. When he was an adolescent, he found out his old pride was still alive. So he got reunited with them, but things had changed there. The new leader, he was a tyrant, so Amani and him fought often. It was just uneasy at first, but soon it turndded into a war and trouble started. They were sent away from the pridelands for causing trouble. Amani was still only a teenager so his adoptive mother Kora had to come too. It turned to them against the tyrant, and a few other pride lions. The war tore the pride apart. Amani lost everything that day—the pridelands, his real parents, his real pride, and Kora, the only other person that cared for him. Afterwards, he just stayed in the outlands. It was the only thing he had left, until Nina later showed up with her daughter Mai in search of him.

Mother: SerengetiKora (adoptive)
Father: Unknown
Mate: Nina
Daughter: Mai

(Key: alive, deceased, unknown)

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