Tumaini or Mai

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Tumaini or Mai

Post by Simba on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:30 am

Name: Tumaini (meaning "hope or hopeful")
Nickname: Mai (personal short name for her)
Species: Lion
Age: 8 years - young adult
Gender: Female

Mai is a mainly tauwny-colored pridelands lioness with white-colored paws and teal eyes. She has a light-colored muzzle and underside and eyeshades. Other than this, she has black tail tuft and light inner ear color. Heightwise, her size leans a little towards the shorter side. Overall she closely resembles her mother. She may have a few traits from her father, although this is unknown.

As a cub, Mai was pretty outgoing and kinda unruly. She's sometimes mischievous and dislikes getting caught. She usually tries to "plea" with her mom and cutely get out of it. Her mother seems to have a soft side to this, which Mai seems to take advantage of. However, her cutesy act sometimes doesn't work on others. Also, her cuteness won't last forever, so soon she won't be able to get away with it so much.

As an adolescent, Mai grew out of her cutesy stuff and has been more independent. Also, she has become more survival-oriented and more active.

As an adult lion, Mai has since relaxed some and has also become more family oriented. She likes to provide for and protect her new family members.

Mai was born in the main pridelands and had a simple pridelands life. She'd just go about her day with friends, or take the day off and relax. With Nina worried for Amani and wanting to see him after so long, she took Mai with her to find Amani later. Once Nina found him, she ended up staying with Mai and him. Mai spent most of her cub days in the outlands during the aftermath of Amani''s tragic exile, though she was too young to remember anything that happened before. She grew up there and adapted to the outlands-like lifestyle. She met and fell in love with an outlander named Kunai there, and this was her life now.

Mother: Nina
Father: Amani
Mate: Kunai
Son: Bahari

(Key: alive, deceased, unknown)

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