Bahari the Lion

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Bahari the Lion

Post by Simba on Wed Mar 16, 2016 6:59 am

Name: Bahari (Swahili, meaning "ocean")
Nickname: none
Species: Lion
Age: 4 years - young adult
Gender: Male

Bahari is a black-maned, dark tan-colored pridelands lion with same-colored paws and sea green eyes. He has a tan-colored muzzle and underside and eyeshades. Other than this, he has a black tail tuft and dark tan inner ear color. Heightwise, his size leans a little towards the taller side. Overall he closely resembles his father.

As a cub, Bahari was usually playful and especially adventurous, since he had two worlds to explore because of each his parents' families. He loved to try new things and meet different people and ways to do things. Further on, as an adolescent and into young adulthood, he's tolerant, generally sociable, and doesn't like conflict unless inevitable.

Bahari was born to Mai of the main pridelands and Kunai of the rival outlands. There mating was a little controversial, so they moved to the old grasslands pride along the waterhole of the main pridelands upon Amani's suggestion, whose parents once lived there. His father and mother both remained close to their homelands. One night, some outland lions from Kunai's past came and cubnapped young Bahari in the shroud of darkness. They wanted revenge on Kunai for falling for Mai and allegedly defecting to the prideland side. After being imprisoned in the outlands for a year, an adolescent Bahari escaped to home. Everything has been cleared up by his parents, except the memories. He continued to grew up at the lake, and his parents themselves still live by the lake to this day. His mom's side of the family lives in like the main pridelands, and his dad's side of the family lives in the rival outlands. The lake is a waterhole inside the main pridelands, but it is out far enough that it's about halfway between the two prides. He gets to visit each side but only individually, cause they don't really get along. While it can get crazy, he loves 'em.

Mother: Mai
Father: Kunai

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